1. How long will it take to replace my aerial? 
1-2 hours
There are certain elements to take in to account when assessing the time it takes to install a new TV aerial,  the main factors to consider are highly dependant on the building size, type of access and safety equipment required for installation of the new TV aerial system, cable routes are also another factor has they may be straight forward runs or complicated concealed runs, this may all sound complicated!  however installing a new digital TV aerial is actual rather simple and does not take too much time at all, on average an aerial installation service would take a trained competent engineer  around one hour for a basic install or two hours for a more complicated aerial install.
 2. I live on a top floor of a 3 storey building.  Can I still have an aerial fitted and is there an extra cost? 
However working at heights is a very dangerous job, in fact health and safety state that the moment a person is working off of the ground then that is the time to be considered has working at heights!. At  Active Aerial Services we take health and safety very seriously and asses all job separately every job has potential risks therefore risk assessment and method statement would be carried out before attempting any form of TV aerial services. if the installation of the new TV aerial is to be at a three storey level additional factors of safety would be called for,the first and foremost part is to have the correct installers advanced senior engineers would be required usually in pairs and fall arrest systems would be used throughout the task, this does of course add to the cost of the job but safety is the foremost important consideration.
All of our engineers have been fully trained to work at heights and have rigorous training on fall arrest systems and harnesses you can almost be certain that if the job can be carried out in a very controlled and safe environment under all circumstances then we will do it!
When installing a new digital TV aerial all levels of health and safety must be meet to a very high and satisfactory level for an installation engineer to proceed with install of a digital aerial may it be a single storey building or a three story building, if for any reason at all it would be considered too dangerous for the engineer or any other person we would not carry out the installation off ladders and request or arrange alternative forms of access be in introduced and in place which we could arrange. .
3. There may be a problem with my points.  Can you sort these or do you only do aerials? 
In fact we can sort almost any aerial reception problem you may have! the most common faults found on old TV points are the exterior cables that usually corrode and let water in, other aerial problems are splitter boxes that come away from there fixing and turn over and end up suspended upside down letting in water which in turn shorts out the signal and allows water to travel down the cable and corrodes the metal, if it is multiple points then it may be that a amplifier has stopped working and need replacing other problems we have encountered are outlet plates going faulty or even squirrels chewing cables in loft. all this may sound worrying but you need not be concerned, replacing a cable is not a costly job and usually takes only half hour to replace.

4. Do you need access to my loft space to install an aerial?
No, Not unless you require a loft installation.
It is always advisable when installing a new TV aerial to fit a exterior antenna and install it to a chimney stack providing it is safe to do so, there are  circumstances that require a loft aerial to be installed, the main factors to consider when installing a loft aerial are the signal strengths in the area and that if the levels are weak a highgain aerial and masthead amplifier be fitted to increase & amplify the signal, other problems encountered when carrying out aerials installation services in lofts are ghosting that may appear on analogue transmissions or pixilation on digital transmissions, methods to cure these problems would be to re-site the antenna, however its may be that there is not enough space to obtain a satisfactory signal although this is rather rare   

5. Can you replace my Sky dish or do you just do aerials? 
At Active Aerial Services we carry out a lot of sky digital dish installations we also have a special heights team dedicated to installing sky dishes at special heights.

DID YOU KNOW that sky mini dishes are also used for freesat?

Freesat is new and offers a host of free to air channels and is similar to the freeview that you would use a TV aerial to pick up, the difference is you don't need a outside aerial for freesat just the mini dish and a free to air freesat decoder.
we also do sky multi room installations, install quad and octo lnbs and services existing sky dishes. in fact we if you are looking for European channels why not call us we can get you 1000's of free to view channels transmitted from all over the world.
6. Is all your work guaranteed? 
All of our TV aerial work is guaranteed we pride our selves has professionals and take care to ensure the TV aerial services we provide are done right the first time, we are rarely called back to a job to fix a TV aerial problem we have installed in fact we are so confident of our workmanship we offer extended warranties on all work we undertake, but take our word you wont need it, most aerials we install have a life expectancy of 10-20 years some even longer!
7. Do you offer a quick same day repair service? 
In fact we offer more than just the same day TV aerial services we can also work late, we understand that you the customer may also have a full time job and require a visit after normal working hours when you return home form work, we also understand the importance and urgency that might be required, whether its the football or soap that is going to start in a few hours or it could be an emergency where you have a damaged TV aerial that requires repairing or may posses a threat or potential danger to someone because it has come lose and is falling from the roof or it may be a communal building that has 30 angry residences who's communal TV aerial has stopped working. rest assured we understand and we can offer you a same day TV aerial installation services and out of hours to suit *
8. Do you cover all of Surrey? 
We do and further, we carry out TV aerial installation services to  Roehampton SW15, Putney SW15, Wandsworth SW18, Southfield SW18, Earlsfield SW18,Tooting SW17, Brixton SW2, Streatham SW16, Clapham Junction SW11, Battersea SW11, Clapham SW4, Balham SW12, Colliers Wood SW20, Wimbledon Park SW19, Merton SW20, Raynes Park SW20, Morden SM4, New Malden KT3, Sutton SM1, Worcester Park KT4, Chelsea SW3, Kensington W8, Earls Court SW5, West Brompton SW5, Fulham SW6, Hammersmith W6, Shepherds Bush W12, Bayswater W2, Maida Vale W2, Paddington W2, Notting Hill W11, Belgravia SW1, Hyde Park SW1, Pimlico SW1, Victoria SW1, Chiswick W4, Action W3, Barnes SW14 and Kew TW9.
9. Do I have to be home for the work to be carried out? 
Under normal circumstances we like to to visit and cary out a consultation with the owner of the property or the person authorizing the installation of the new aerial or satellite dish before the installation commences however we can arrange to meet a representative of the client and provided that instructions about your new digital TV aerial, fm radio, dab or sky dish are clear we will get on and do the job  
10. Do you take card payments? 
You can pay for you aerial installation in which ever form you choose from the following, Visa, Solo, Maestro, Cash or Cheque. For companies and corporate customers credit facilities are available however a credit account must be setup before credit is given.


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